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What do you sing, when the ipod/zune/radio doesn’t work?

7 Nov

My new novel is set in the post-apocalyptic PNW. For it not to be future fantasy, the poxy-lips needs to happen within the next 5 years or so. The question is, what songs will people sing once their ipods/zunes/radios/etc no longer work? There certainly are musicians around, but the infrastructure to keep the electric guitars/keyboards/etc is gone. So we’re back to human voices, in most cases, with some accompaniment when so lucky as to actually be in the physical presence of a musician.

So what popular songs (say, from the past 30 years) would you remember and sing? Suggestions so far: 
– Baby Got Back, Sir Mixalot
– Rick Astley’s earworm
– Brown Eyed Girl, Rolling Stones
– Blister in the Sun, Violent Femmes

I need more. Please help?



19 Sep

It didn’t keep me up all night – but I did have to make a phone call before bed so that my brain could rest.

I have a new novel on simmer for this year’s NaNoWriMo: Fallen Fruit. I’m looking at a 10-20 year post-apocalyptic Johnny Appleseed story. I’m inspired by the Jam Economy and the Pacific Northwest, social change and community, hardship and abundance. I’m expecting at least one death, a dark past, lovely times in kitchens, and the lovely sunrise dew and grit of traveling. Also look for my bias toward apprenticeship, the firm belief in structured, meaningful, loving childhoods, and recipes.

Oh yes, there will be recipes. And probably a mule. And maybe a goat? I like goats. But there has to be a balance between mouths to feed and food with which to feed them…

I love this part where a story comes by to visit and lets me get to know it. 🙂