What am I writing these days?

20 Apr

On the web, I haven’t written much–so here you go.

In the novel, we now know some of the motivations of some of the greater powers beyond our protagonist’s control. We don’t yet know what will happen when she takes control of things–and we don’t know how the God of Earth and the Underworld will change the stakes, but he just kidnapped her.

Maiden, mother, queen, and crone–they languish. Well, no they don’t. I am still writing on them, but it’s been interrupted and slow. There’s more to write–and draw, and decide, and research, and validate. I worry that I like the idea better than I am prepared to write about it–so there’s nothing to do but better prepare.

Short stories–perhaps writing another would be a lovely diversion, kind of like taking a day trip in the midst of a longer journey. At the same time, perhaps those “lovely day trips” are often terrible ideas, that only serve to further exhaust the resources depleted by the long journey. Right now, I don’t have any short stories on my plate, though I’d like to. They feel light and easy, even though my memory reminds me of the months I’ve spent wrestling them, in the past.

At work, I’m writing very short, very precise things for review by multiple stakeholders before eventually, right before release, it all changes again and gets rapidly rewritten, re-reviewed, then localized, then published to the world. Also having lovely discussions about capitalization, typography, punctuation, and the appropriate function of the ampersand.

So, life is good. Write on.


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