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New review for Gathering Grace!

7 Oct

A new review is out for Gathering Grace from the Midwest Book Review. On their Fantasy/SciFi Shelf, it is written:

“Growing up brings a lot of new things including new responsibilities, new privileges — and new superpowers? “Gathering Grace” is a fantasy set in modern times as Grace uncovers deeply held family secrets. Unknown relatives, the risks of her new abilities and how to use them responsibility, these are what Grace must deal with. But as all teenagers know, sometimes responsibilities aren’t always followed and rules are sometimes broken. A coming of age tale set in the real world with a unique fantasy twist, “Gathering Grace” is very highly recommended to young adult fantasy readers everywhere.”

Oh, yay! I feel like celebrating. I think I need to do a brand-new kind of happy dance. Glee!



19 Sep

It didn’t keep me up all night – but I did have to make a phone call before bed so that my brain could rest.

I have a new novel on simmer for this year’s NaNoWriMo: Fallen Fruit. I’m looking at a 10-20 year post-apocalyptic Johnny Appleseed story. I’m inspired by the Jam Economy and the Pacific Northwest, social change and community, hardship and abundance. I’m expecting at least one death, a dark past, lovely times in kitchens, and the lovely sunrise dew and grit of traveling. Also look for my bias toward apprenticeship, the firm belief in structured, meaningful, loving childhoods, and recipes.

Oh yes, there will be recipes. And probably a mule. And maybe a goat? I like goats. But there has to be a balance between mouths to feed and food with which to feed them…

I love this part where a story comes by to visit and lets me get to know it. 🙂

I am Superman

2 Sep

Have you seen this? As my friend Nathan writes, it’s required watching for the Cape and Cowl set:

But what’s the point? I think it’s all of the following, in order of least to most cynical:

  1. To remind us, as the video says, that Superman is Clark – he is Everyman. We can all achieve great things, even if we are grieving the death of a parent (as Siegel was when he invented the bulletproof man) or are neglected and forlorn (like the house currently is.)
  2. To show that we recognize the importance to US culture of the contributions of Siegel and Schuster as much as HP and other recent cultural landmarks.
  3. To generate publicity for Brad Meltzer’s most recent book.

Anywhere on the list, it’s a cause I can get behind.

Brick and mortar, here I come!

22 Aug

Gathering Grace has made its debut in a real brick and mortar store: Balderdash Books and Art, a small independent Seattle (Greenwood neighborhood) bookseller, has a few copies to sell! And it’s just a few doors down from the Wayward, where I’ll be reading from it next Friday evening (August 29th.)

So if you’re in the Puget Sound area: Go! Support a local business *and* a local author, simultaneously!

Public Reading by the Cape and Cowl Collective

19 Aug
The Cape and Cowl Collective

The Cape and Cowl Collective

Did you know I’m a co-founder? It’s true – author Nathan Crowder and I have joined forces to create the Cape and Cowl Collective. It’s a group for those who write, read, and support fiction with Superhero themes, like my Gathering Grace. Nathan and I will be reading from our novels August 29th at 8pm at the Wayward Coffeehouse – please join us!