Finding a Writing Haunt

22 Jan

I’ve been making a practice of Saturday morning writing. It’s a time when the family doesn’t need me – it’s the beginning of the weekend, so there will be time for the chores and events, and they’d rather be asleep, anyhow.

The problem continues to be the lack of a regular writing haunt. There is nowhere that I’m likely to run into friends – and other writers – without planning and coordinating. Nowhere that I’ve gotten to know the owner and baristas to the extent that they are invited to my home.

Why not write at home? I can, have, and will. But for uninterrupted time writing, get me away from my family and my procrastinabilities. The libraries have random hours – and the three closest to me aren’t open at my writing-available times.

I’m a Seattle writer. We inhabit coffee shops.  


  • Noisy, but not loud
  • Low frequency of untended children (rampaging toddlers, etc.)
  • Tables of various sizes: seating 2-8
  • Tip jar
  • Savory food
  • Sweet food
  • Consistently good coffee
  • Big enough to find a corner away from in/out and counter-line traffic
  • Early morning (6 or 7am) and late night (to 9 or 10pm) hours

I’d love for my favorite Wayward Coffeehouse to reopen. But in the meantime – where should I go?


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