Turns out there’s more #NaNoWriMo can do for me…

17 Nov

I’m supposed to be at 28K words–and I’m at 10K or so.

The thing I’ve consistenly taken away from #Nanowrimo–every year, from 2006 to last year, is a renewed habit of the daily discipline of sitting down to write.

Last year, I specifically used NaNo to re-develop that habit, and I’ve successfully kept it up–daily writing, all year long.

But there’s more I should be getting out of it, this year–more that I could be getting from it: the discipline of sticking to the goddamn outline, or failing that, at least sticking with my characters and their story.

It’s a touchy balance between “the story I first thought up” and “what the character wants to do” and “oh crap, I hadn’t thought of that.” They are each pitfalls, and they are each paths.

The discipline is to be honest with myself which one it is, and pressing on or redirecting as necessary.

So–no more blogging for me right now. I’ve got a plot to de-re-enpitfallize. 😉


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