Thank you, #OccupySeattle. Commuters, read on:

18 Nov

PSA: I have no sympathy for your inconvenience.

Corporations systematically work to deny you your voice in our democracy, and you’re complacent. Put a protest in your commute home, and “it’s so unfair.”

Think it won’t work? The protesters are wasting their time and taxpayer money?
Remember this next time you’re quoting “I have a dream”: MLK and Gandhi – and the thousands who marched with them – were damned inconvenient in the towns, regions, and countries in which they lived. Both were met with violence, and thousands of people said “they were asking for it.” Each of them led peaceful revolutions that millions have benefitted from, and at much higher cost than your damned inconvenience.

FWIW, I changed my route home yesterday. Yes, it was inconvenient.

I’m not mad. I’m grateful.


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