Vacation ends, business begins, metaphors endure.

1 Oct

Hey, have you noticed how I blog more, when I have more time? Huh.

This week off was a GREAT idea, whatever the unknown, unseen consequences-to-be might be. I’ve walked on the beach, walked along Lake Washington, napped on two different afternoons, worked on writerly things (if not the actual writing, for which I am working on not beating myself up.) An incredibly disorganized closet has been cleaned out, and the craft parlor cleaned up. I’ve had a huge amount of time with my wonderful husband, and I think I’ve caught up on sleep. Mostly.

At the same time, the knife business has been pushed through some important prenatal growth spurts. Yesterday and Thursday were full of planning. Progress so far:

  • business plan drafted
  • pro-forma financial spreadsheets drafted
  • time budgeted from now until 2012, and through 2012.

Whew. Actually, a lot of work has been done. I’m excited about it, and excited to see if our estimations are anywhere close to accurate.

OK, so it’s probably time to get back to the novel. I am at the Monkey Grind, after all, for our Saturday morning writer’s group. I’m painfully aware that I’m a significantly better writer now than I was a few years ago, when much of the novel was first drafted. Which means I can do a lot with it, right? Sure – as long as I can wade through the soggy and florid stereo instructions I wrote before, hacking back the prose with a confident editing machete.

Wish me luck! I’m going in.


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